About us

Nextan develops and markets innovative solutions through the IoT (Internet of Things) technology platform that consists of networked devices, application software, mobile apps, cloud-based web applications and big data analytics engine.

Headquartered in Singapore, Nextan was founded in 2003 with a strong focus on R&D to pursue new areas of technology innovation in the transport, healthcare and surveillance industry. Over the years, we have since expanded our regional presence through our alliance partners located in China, Philippines, India, Malaysia & Indonesia.

As an ISO 13485 & 9001 certified company, Nextan is strongly committed to delivering the best technology solutions that are based on innovative and comprehensive standards as well as the latest IT and medical engineering technologies.

  1. 2012


    Elder Care System
    Shoulder Rehabilation Device

    1st in Singapore by adopting IOT technology

  2. 2012


    Nextan TDA (Train fault detection Automation)

    Using AI in detection & monitoring of train operations collector shoes via 3G wireless connectivity to mobile devices

  3. 2011


    Nextan TEA (Traffic Enforcement Automation)

    Wireless connectivity (3G), solar and intelligent based Full HD video system first in the world developed by Nextan for LTA

  4. 2010


    IP-based video transmission and broadcasting

    First in Singapore/Asia developed and implemented system successfully, for large scale, rapid and reliable IP-based video transmission/broadcasting, sensors, long life battery powered and wireless network connectivity system. Nationwide fast deployment for Singapore Police Force.

  5. 2008


    IP-based mobile video camera system

    First company in Asia developed IP based mobile video camera system with M1-3G Wireless 3G IP based video camera D1 resolution at 30 frame per sec battery operated with sensors

  6. 2006


    Long range digital wireless real time video transmission

    Changi Airport – Long range digital wireless real time video transmission from command bus to AES command center – IP based

  7. 2000


    Low cost PC DVR system

    Low cost PC DVR system with 2 I/O was developed; H.263 codec compression software Connectivity with H.323 network protocol via PSTN @28.8kbps and GSM@ 9.6kbps Resolution CIF and QCIF