Train Fault Detection System - SMRT Singapore

Nextan developed a customized 1st in the world train fault detection system to help SMRT Singapore with its train backend operations. Our approach is to use AI (artificial intelligence), imaging and sensors to detect the CCD (current collector device) fault on moving trains.

Traffic Enforcement Automation (TEA) – LTA Singapore

Our TEA was developed to utilize technology to compliment the work of the traffic officers. Using our own unique camera, our algorithm, and AI helped to decrease the traffic offences along busy thoroughfare. Our system drew praise from motorists who had experienced a smoother driving experience as the authority was able to capture and stop errant drivers.

Traffic Management System (TMS)

Nextan provided a system to an overseas traffic authority to help monitor and manage traffic conditions in busy highways. Our system (using video and AI) collect traffic condition for traffic planning for public services.